JaTaun Noelle

Motivational Speaker . Events Planner . Mentor

WHO IS JATAUN? An energetic, creative, highly competent, resourceful, self-motivated and enthusiastic 16+ year professional with a proven track record for producing successful events. Having a positive "can do" attitude is one of her greatest assets. JaTaun found her love for wedding planning, motivational speaking & mentoring while living in Detroit, Michigan. "Being a service to others is the greatest honor bestowed upon me. I'm always grateful to be a blessing to those around me." ~ JaTaun Noelle ~

MY FOCUS...to bring out the best in every person & project

Motivation - Inspire change through keynotes and seminars
Events Planning - Coordinate weddings and private events
Mentoring - Guide mentees using spiritual & career advice

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Client Responsiveness


Knowledge & Skills


Producing Effective Results


My goal is to inspire, uplift, and encourage change by building up suspense and motivating the audience to take a closer look at a preset thought-provoking topic.


Motivate and engage large groups of participants in a preset online discussion or training event by sharing information in the same place as the meeting host.


Provide an interactive, informative, and motivational session where the participants can engage, and move to a better understanding in a discussion about a specific topic.

Weddings, Showers, Book Signings, Launch Parties, Reunions, Conferences, Corporate Events & Private parties


"Full-service" events planning packages include venue booking and catering, booking and managing vendors, negotiating contracts, budgeting, creating timelines and floor plans, monitoring guest lists, coordinating logistics on-site, executing the events on the day of your event, and much more.

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After you've planned the specifics for your event the focus will be to ensure that those details are carried out as planned. The goal is to make sure the day is executed according to your wishes by overseeing vendors, managing the timeline, and handling any last-minute challenges that may arise during the time of your festivities.

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Additional services that are not included in the "Full Service" planning or "Day Of" coordination event packages. These stand-alone services include but are not limited to decor and floral design, personal shopping, and RSVP tracking services. Please contact the office for a complete and detailed list of all of the À la carte services.

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Together we will develop a unified visual plan and design for your event. The visual plan and design will encompass all things that will affect the look and overall aesthetics of your event. The goal is to bring every element of your event together and produce a cohesive atmosphere. Your dreams will become a visual display of art.

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As a "spiritual mentor" I care about you and want the best for you. My most important task is to help you pursue and have a personal relationship with Christ by encouraging you to invest in this relationship. As a result, you will grow spiritually and become mature in your faith.


I provide an opportunity for you to gain knowledge that will help you understand the needs of your business. As a "business mentor" I will help you with: building your leadership skills. providing insight and feedback on your practices, and setting attainable goals for growth and expansion.


My focus is to share knowledge and experience in order to help each mentee reach their goals of success. As a "career mentor" I will guide you in selecting good choices in your career, by offering advice and answering informal questions that you may not be getting from other outside sources.